Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio.I'm Adam, a hard working, collaborative, perspicacious graphic designer from Surrey, England. In 2023 I graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth achieving a upper second class degree.Outside of graphic design I enjoy various sports and go to the gym regularly, my mentality in the gym mirrors my designer mentality, one last repetition, one last hour spent perfecting a design.

Arts University Bournemouth Self-Initiated Final Major Project: 'Sleeve It Be'
January - May 2023

Brief:Self-Initiated, develop a campaign, product or service that tackles a particular real life social / economic / environmental issue. Conduct in-depth primary and secondary research to help you select an issue as well as prove that your product / campaign / service is required and suitable for your selected problem.My Solution:'Sleeve it Be' is a phone case/sleeve that a phone can be placed into preventing the user from accessing it for a select amount of time. This project was focused around delaying gratification and how practicing it can improve ones quality of life. It explored how succumbing to instant gratification pleasures at every opportunity can have detrimental consequences to ones overall happiness and wellbeing. For example limiting mobile phone usage will always be better for ones mental health than compulsive over-usage.The user can set the amount of time they wish to spend away from their phone by adjusting the timer on the back of the phone case. Once the timer has been set the phone is locked in place until the timer as run out. If the user were to attempt to access the phone by force before the timer has expired the case will scratch their phone screen. Inside the case there are spikes positioned above where the phone screen will sit once inside the sleeve, if the user tries to pull the phone out, the spikes will make contact with the phone screen and scratch it as the phone is pulled out. Ultimately the threat of the phone being scratched suspends the user in a financially incentivised self control contract, many such contracts are employed in real life scenarios due to their effectiveness.

'Sleeve It Be' App concept

The app works by blocking apps on your phone so you don't use them. There are 6 different blockers you can use, ranging from easy to extremely difficult. Each blocker comes with a punishment for failing to abstain from using the app, the severity of punishment depends of which blocker you choose. 'Red Devil' is the most challenging blocker with the harshest punishments and 'green serpent' is the easiest with the lightest punishments.

D&AD Gymshark - Find Your Apex
January - March 2023

Brief:The brief was to design a campaign for young adults aged 18-21 who are beginning a fitness journey and require a community to help them stick to their new found routine.Solution:My answer to brief was a campaign called 'Find Your Apex' which focused on eight different apex predator animals each representing different gym/sports personalities, for example, Gymapes are broad, larger than life characters that always lift heavy and rarely focus on form and technique and gymcheetahs are light on their feet, fast and agile cardio focused individuals. The idea behind the gym animal campaign was to give newcomers a tribe to belong to, to be part of a community of people with similar attributes and goals. Members can work together to achieve their goals and compete with each other to bring the best out of one another.My solution includes an app that enables the user to take a questionnaire/quiz that determines their gym animal. Each gym animal has its own unique personality traits and exercise preferences. One can take the test, find out their tribe and compete against like-minded, similarly skilled individuals creating a sense of community, competition and prosperity, ultimately encouraging newcomers to continue on with their fitness journey and removing the desire to quit.

Typical user journey through the 'FindYourApex' App

The user interface was designed on Adobe illustrator and transferred to Adobe XD where the pages were brought to life. This is a short presentation video on how the app would function on both apple and android devices.

Short campaign trailer

D&AD William Lawson Whisky - Highlander Orange Spec Ad
March 2023

Brief:The brief was to create a 60 seconds film advertising William Lawson's new whisky, Highlander Orange. The film caters to a Belgian audience, since William Lawson's biggest market is in Belgium, it also encompasses William Lawson's brand values and identity. The 'No Rules. Great Scotch' slogan perfectly describes the bold, gung-ho nature of William Lawson's whisky. My spec ad aims to pay respects to their brand personality by combining humour with intensity and hard work.

JDO RAW 2023 - SMÖKY BAY Icelandic Mineral Water
January - March 2023

Brief:The brief provided by JDO Raw including creating a water brand worthy of a cult following for a specific tribe of people. JDO provided four unique tribes, each with different personalities, 'Sports socials', 'Classic curators', 'New Nomads' and the 'Internet inhabitants'.I chose the 'New Nomads' because their personality traits resonate with me and my audacious nature. The 'New Nomads' enjoy spontaneous trips abroad, they go wherever adventure lies, they replace hedonistic nights out with walks in the woods and cannot help but climb to the highest peak in sight, they move with the wind and the tide.Solution:With my audience selected I developed Smoky Bay Icelandic mineral water. The unique selling point is a seasonal competition called #TheSmokySix challenge hosted by Smoky Bay water in which the New nomads search for 6 unique limited edition cans of Smoky Bay water located in one continent in 6 different countries, each can located and available only in their respective countries. The limited edition cans can be recognised by packaging design that features the countries' flag which they are located in. The winner is the first person that travels to every country and collects a can from each, then posts a picture on a social media platform of their choice displaying them in possession of each can proving they have completed the challenge. They must tag Smoky Bay water in their post and we will verify their claim. Once verified the champion Nomad receives their prize, one year of free flight travel.#TheSmokySix challenge occurs on a different continent three times a year every year. The continent in my designs above focuses on Europe to begin with but also shows previous competitions held in Africa and South America. Once the competition is announced and the continent has been selected the location of the first can is revealed on social media in the form of coordinates pinpointing the exact location of the can. The location of the second can is displayed on the first can, and the location of the third on the second can etc.Smoky Bay therefore appeals to the daredevil, intrepid nature of the New Nomads, providing a competition that brings the separates the real from the fakes.

Wadsworth Brewery Rebrand - The Cauldron Brewery
October - December 2022

Thomas Hardy Tess of the d'Urbervilles Animation
January - April 2022

Hardy's Wessex Live Branding
October - Dec 2021

User Orientated Wellbeing Toolkit
January - March 2021

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